A Hotel or Villa in Florida

by Craig Walker

After deciding what flights to Florida to get and where you want to stay you then have to decide on what type of accommodation is going to be the most suitable for you family or the number of people in the group you are travelling with.

For most European travellers they are used to staying in hotel accommodation when they go on their usual holiday however Florida is not just another holiday destination. A private villa could be a great option.

What could be the main differences between a private holiday villa as compared to a normal hotel in Florida?

Normally in a hotel you would only get one room for your family and depending on how many people are travelling you may need more than one room which will obviously add to the costs. Most private holiday homes will have between two to three bedrooms and possibly a fold down couch in another room. So if the number of people travelling will not fit into a hotel room or you just want more privacy on holiday then a villa could be the option.

The furnishings in a villa are generally of an excellent standard and more spacious than a hotel room. In a lot of cases the villas are used by the owners themselves at certain times of the year.

There is a if you have more than one hotel room you may not get them together. It is even possible that you might be on one floor and the other room could be on another. If the accommodation has more than one building you could have one room in one and the other room in another.

Hotels can be noisy as people come and go at all hours. Like you people are free to come and go as they please and this could result in you being wakened if someone returns to their room during the night and makes a noise.

In your Florida villa you will have cooking facilities should you wish as well as a fridge to stock up with drinks so you don’t need to keep going down to the next floor with your ice bucket and a hand full of change for a vending machine.

In a villa you may or not have a pool if you do it will generally be quite small however it ill be only you and your family using it. Generally in a hotel you will have a large pool which is shared between all the guests.

In the off-peak and sometimes colder months of the year the pools require heating and in most villas this comes at an extra cost. The charges for this vary but could be as much as $40 per day however in a hotel there would be no charge.

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Holiday Apartments. Be at home on vacation.

Florida is a destination of choice for tourists, travelers and business people from over the world. As a holiday getaway, Florida attracts more than its fair share of tourists. Over 1.5 million Britons, for example, traveled to Florida, a staggering number when you think that the feelings towards the US throughout Europe have not been as positive as it was before 9/11. Still, more than any other European nation, England, after the lull of the period post 9/11, has provided an increasing number of visitors and today’s figures are more than encouraging. One think is sure, in spite of political or other such considerations, Florida is still overwhelming popular and that shouldn’t surprise us.

Florida boasts some of most beautiful beaches around notwithstanding the obvious popularity of our theme parks in and around Orlando. Miami in particular with its rich diversity of people from Latin America, the Caribbean Islands, Europe and elsewhere is a unique melting post of cultures and languages.

Getting to Miami is increasingly easy and if plans are made in advance, it is possible to find air fares that can indeed compete with more local travel fares. Accommodation is usually provided in the forms of hotels and motels, with varying degrees of amenities, services and budget.

However, if you travel to Miami with your family, then you will know that staying in crammed hotels, however luxurious or fancy they might be, may not be the solution for you and your family. Renting a room with 4 beds may prove to be attractive when you are sitting comfortably at home making plans for your next vacation, but once you’re there, you will wish you had looked at another alternative.

One such alternative of course is renting a holiday apartments and as luck would have it, this is precisely what you can do in Miami as well. And just in case you are asking yourself why you should consider renting a Miami Holiday Apartments, just think about the one hotel room scenario, your wife, your kids and you. But there are also other considerations, less romantic perhaps but nonetheless important, particularly in you are on a budget, or simply not eager to throw good money away.

Miami Vacation Apartments may not provide room service although some hotels have suites that are equipped with the usual amenities provided by conventional apartments, but they provide more room for your money. So you may very well be able to take that mid afternoon nap in your own bedroom whilst your kids do what kids do in the lounge or their own bedrooms. In addition, you may opt to have some of your meals at home and whilst you may not be inclined to cook elaborate meals, the kitchen in your apartment is equipped to deal with most culinary vacation requirements. Just thinks about the extra savings..

What you do when you live your comfortable holiday apartment for your daily explorations is of course up to you. Luckily, Miami is spoiled for choices and your first destination might very well be Miami Beach, which is the hub for the more world known model agency. Mingle amongst the ladies of the cat walks and they wonder through their daily activities or go for a stroll around Deco district, this icon amongst icons of Miami architecture.

Miami’s proximity to Cuba and other Latin American destination makes it possible for you to enjoy and sample of their own culinary traditions as if you were there. Coffee lovers will marvel at the smoothness of a real Café Con Leche, and if you have a sweet tooth, do not forget to try the “Tres Leche” cake.

Or you could simply take some food back to your Miami Holiday Apartments at the end of the day and enjoy a meal around the dinner table in the comfort of your own home away from home.

There is one more thing you must try is a Pina Colada, but you can leave this threat for later when you and you wife leave the kids at home whilst you go out to sample of the mysteries of Miami night life.

Whatever you do, you’ll likely enjoy it much more if you base yourself in the comfort of a Miami vacation home.

One last thing to consider when searching for a holiday apartments is that they are also called Vacation Condos, Miami Holiday Accommodation or even Vacation Apartments.

Miami Holiday Apartments: Don’t travel without them!

So you want to come to Miami, Florida on your next vacation or holiday (Part 1)

As an expatriate living in sunny Florida, I often received phone calls from family and friends living in other parts of the world asking me about life in Florida. Some ask because they want to come and actually live here, others out of interest, whilst the majority expresses a desire to come here on vacation, or holiday, as they say in Europe. After all, if you live in Europe and don’t want to travel half way around the world, where else can you combine miles upon miles of pristine beaches with the magic of Disney and other attraction parks.

Airline competition is such that is possible nowadays to travel back and forth for around $600 a person (if you play your game right) and with the cost of living in Florida and the various deals available, our shores are a very fine option as a destination for a once in a life time vacation.

After all it wasn’t that long ago when I and my two young daughters (they were 10 and 13) boarded a plane from London to Miami and I can remember the trepidation of the trip as if it was yesterday. Granted, part of the attraction was that we were visiting with my parents who were living in Tampa, but the thought of landing in the land of Disney was an experience neither my daughters, nor I have forgotten.

The purpose of this post is not to act as a guide for your next Florida vacation but if you would like to follow the advice of a lucky man having realized his dreams of living under the sun, here goes..

  1. Rent a car. Public transport is practically non existent here in Florida, and I have never understood yet why the folks in government have not thought it necessary to introduce high speed trains between Miami and Orlando for example, the hub of the kingdom of magic.
  2. Make sure the car comes with a GPS. There are road maps, but if you are used to maps made in Europe, you’ll be sorely disappointed with what is available here. Besides, GPS can prevent you from getting lost in less desirable neighborhoods which is always a plus in my books.
  3. If you can, rent an apartment, or house. I have always preferred to live in the comfort of a home even on holiday and if you have kids, you will love being able to have the extra room and the kitchen for at least a meal a day, which should end up saving you quite a bit of money.
  4. Attraction Parks are usually less busy when the kids are back at school so if you can travel during school time (Florida school time) you’ll absolutely love to be able to go straight into your favorite roller coaster without having to wait a second in line.
  5. Bring sun tan lotions. Living as I do in South Florida, I see my share of burned bodies, but none more than those of European tourists who think their skin is immune to the effect of the sun and turn into an exquisite shade of red at the end of a few hours unprotected under the sun.